Pay It Forward: the giveaway!





We are working on running a special giveaway right now for one lucky & deserving couple. I am in the middle of building the project, but so far we have a photographer, stationers & DJ giving away their services on top of the wedding planning package I am personally giving away. We are looking for a venue, honeymoon, cake, and anything else we can find!


I would love to offer prizes for second and third place couples also. So if you want to offer up a free engagement session or free programs, discounts on services, gift certificates…. everything is welcome!


The other big surprise will be a Swag Bag filled with really cool items and gift certificates that the couple can use. I am thinking jewelry, makeup, gift certificates for a future photo session… again, we will take whatever you have to offer!


We will be choosing a couple based on their need. The wedding must take place between Dec ‘09 and March ’10 and be located in the Southeast Michigan area. Right now, we are thinking of having people enter by submitting a You Tube video explaining their lives and why they think they deserve this wedding. We are encouraging them to include family & friends and elements of their personal lives. I personally love the idea of asking the couples to “pay it forward” in their own way and record it in their submission video. We really want to get to know these couples as much as we can before we make the decision.


Our plan is to launch the giveaway on Valentine’s Day. We are hoping to get a local newspaper/TV station involved, also. Anything we can get for this giveaway would be great. If you are interested, or know anyone else who may be interested in participating, I would really appreciate it! Please email me for more details and information.


If you have ideas or offers, please let me know! I would love to open this up to as many companies as I can. Everyone involved will be included in our digital flyer and possibly newspaper/TV ads. I look forward to hearing from you!


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