New Design, New Outlook, New Bliss!


Well, after long nights and crazy mishaps, the new Bliss Weddings & Events site is finally up and running! I owe a HUGE “Thank You” to Alison Bates from Bates Photographic. She has come through in a big way and has literally been my superhero!

With this new design comes many other new things! A new logo, new specials, new packages, and a brand spankin’ new outlook on how Bliss will be run. This means so many great things to our clients, both current and potential! This is the best and most exciting time to be a member of the Bliss family. Thank you all for being patient while the website was down and for supporting us in the million ways that you all have. I am so excited about what is to come in the future. I can  barely contain myself! If you want more information, please feel free to email me!

The next week will be a crazy one! I will be heading out to Grand Rapids tomorrow for a special visit with Aletha, of Pearls Events, and a few other special vendors. MWEP is growing by leaps and bounds, so I will be focusing a lot of my time on getting everything in order and planning our upcoming meet-up. The Pay It Forward giveaway has become a giant undertaking, but with the help of so many wonderful wedding and event companies, I know it will be a great success. Keep an eye out for our video all about how you can enter to win the wedding of your dreams. It is going to be BIG! I honestly couldn’t do this wthout Nicole Ladonne Photography, Jamie Honce Productions and Gina’s Bridal.

In the last few weeks, we have booked some really great couples for 2009 and 2010. I can’t wait for their big days and to post all of their beautiful details and pictures here on the Bliss Blog. They are seriously amazing! You will love it!

Now onto the blog, I know I haven’t posted much, but if you could see my Outlook Calendar, you would understand why! We are adding to our staff this week, so you can expect to see some new material very soon. We also moved our blog to a new location. So loyal readers, add it to your google reader, change your bookmark…. do whatever you need to do to see our newest posts and information. This is going to be a big move!



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3 responses to “New Design, New Outlook, New Bliss!

  1. yay for the new site! that looks great. I also like your new logo, its more sophisticated. =)

  2. hrm your website gets stuck and doesn’t ever stop loading on firefox.

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