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Eventology 2009: Mark Your Calendars!

(Taken directly from the Eventology 2009 Blog)
Are you ready to take your wedding business to the next level?
Are you looking for ways to leverage your brand and increase your company’s reach?
Do you want your business to thrive regardless of the economy?

I am proud to present Eventology 2009, an intimate, collaborative and intensive business conference designed especially for wedding professionals. Eventology 2009 will bring you real-life, applicable marketing and business information to use to enhance your wedding planning business.

Three highly successful and renowned wedding planners will be discussing their insight and perspective on how to create and cultivate a prosperous wedding business. Chat with Saundra Hadley of planning forever events on How to Close the Deal: Sales Methods for the Wedding Industry. Discuss how to Turn Brides into Fans: Nurturing Your Relationships with Clients with Terrica Skaggs of Fabuluxe, Inc. and iWed: International Network of Wedding Designers. Lastly, learn how to Leverage Your Brand to Reach Today’s Bride: Marketing in a Post-Modern World with Liene Stevens of Blue Orchid Designs and The Smart Planner.

You do not want to miss this educational and networking workshop! Learn the science behind running a successful wedding business, as the reality is if you’re not running a profitable business, it’s just one big expensive hobby.

When: Tuesday, April 7, 2009 to Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Where: Indianapolis, Indiana at the Omni Severin Hotel

Cost: Early Bird registration is $150 and includes networking event on Tuesday night and breakfast and lunch on Wednesday. A select amount of rooms will be available at the Omni for the special Eventology rate of $115+tax per night. Space is limited for this conference.

Please sure to look for future announcements regarding the official launch of the Eventology 2009 website and blog To be included on the email list for Eventology 2009, please send an email to hello{at}eventology2009{dot}com with Mailing List in the subject line.

A very special thanks to Tifany of Gourmet Invitations for the logo design!


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Purple is the new black!

I know that nothing can really replace the elegance and the sophistcation of the color black, but I have had more requests for purple inspired events than any other color for 2009. Below are two brand new baords, inspired by two of our very own readers. I hope you enjoy them!


Photo Credits:;;;;;;
PhotoCredits 2:;;;;;;


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Photo Contest Entries: VOTE NOW!

Click on the “VOTE NOW!” link at the top of this page to vote for your favorite!

After months of emails, photos, contacts and organization, our Wedding Photo of the Year contest is finally under way! Please take a moment to vote for your favorite by using the poll at the bottom of that page. You can only chose one, so make sure you pick the best! These photos were taken all over the world, by many different photographers, of unique couples and weddings. These are the Top 17. Best of luck to all of the finalists and thank you for all of the amazing submissions. It was very difficult to narrow it down from 125 to these final 17. 🙂


The deadline for voting is February 10, 2009. I will announce the winners on Valentine’s Day (Feb 14th).


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Holiday Recap

I hope that all of you had a very fun, exciting and safe holiday! The Bliss Weddings office was busier than ever. If you don’t know already, we are undergoing a HUGE redesign! The website should be done in January and I am very excited to show everyone the new details.

The last few weeks have been great and I thought I would share some updates. Enjoy!

First of all, I received a very special gift in the mail and I am in love with it. The fabulous Kelly from A Savvy Event notified me that I had won her giveaway and I was thrilled. The prize was a gorgeous custom made apron from Tullabelles. If you haven’t checked out Tullabelle’s product line, you are missing out! The custom designs, adorable products and fun filled website are worth the visit. Here is a photo of the totally great apron that I received! The package came in this cute green bag with black and white polka dot ribbon. As soon as I saw the wrapping, I knew I was in for a treat. Not long after I was notified of being a winner, Cindy from Tullabelles contacted me to pick out my own fabrics and monogram. I went with a damask pattern with watermelon accents and a simple monogram. The apron is reversible, which makes it double the fun. I used it for the first time when I was baking our holiday cookies and was VERY pleased with the comfort and huge pockets. Tullabelles is now on my favorite products list, for sure. Please visit A Savvy Event and Tullabelles and share my love of all things adorable!


Last Monday, I had the extreme pleasure of hanging out with some of my favorite old and new friends. In honor of Anne Ruthmann’s visit “home”, we arranged for a breakfast get-together and just some good quality hang-out time. I was also able to tour Jessica Johnston’s and Abby Rose Photo’s studio spaces and got some serious real estate envy! The food was great, the company was awesome and we laughed all morning long. In attendance: Anne Ruthmann and her amazing hubby Alex, Nicole Blair from Nicole Ladonne Photography, Jess and Nate from Jessica Johnston Photography, Ryan from Epic Motion, Abby from Abby Rose Photo, and Delia Turner. Big “Thanks” to Anne’s iPhone and Alex for these pictures. 🙂


We started a new “Must See List” for 2009! This list is filled with our favorite Michigan vendors, all sorts of blogs and websites and so much more. Please visit the “Must See” section of our blog for more info. If you know of a company or blog that should be a Bliss Must See for 2009, post a comment and let us know! Also, keep an eye out for our Must See badges on some of your favorite sites across the web.


Lastly, I want to wish each and every one of you a very Happy New Year! I can’t believe 2009 is just around the corner. This year really did fly by fast. It will be a great year and I can’t wait to see what it has in store for us and our fab clients. Cooper wishes you a Happy New Year, also!


Love & Bliss, Amanda

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Holiday Bargains!

I was searching through the printable coupons page at and found some great deals on all things wedding related! Here are a few of the best. Happy Shopping! Oh, and Happy Holidays!


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Planning A Wedding: Step One

Well, engagement “season” is finally here! In the wedding industry, the time between November and February is when most of our clients get engaged. With all of the holidays, it is the perfect time for him to pop the question. So this sparked a thought process. With so many engagements happening, we are bound to come across at least a few of you with questions. There are so many details that go into planning a wedding, so I am going to give you the step-by-step directions and maybe help point you in the right direction.

Tip #1. The first few weeks can be very overwhelming and knowing exactly where to start can be a bit confusing. My advice is to set aside some time to discuss the financial side of the wedding as soon as possible. This can be a bit uncomfortable if you are asking your parents or family members for help paying for you big day, but trust me when I say that they actually want to help. 75% of our clients are paying for majority of the wedding themselves or have worked out a comfortable payment plan where they are pitching in a huge chunk of the cost. Find a budget that works comfortably for everyone included.

Tip #2. The most important discussion you need to have as soon as you start planning, is where your priorities lie and exactly what type of wedding you’d like to have. Do you want a lavish affair with ice sculptures, giant centerpieces and exotic food or do you want a backyard wedding with a tent, down home BBQ, and a live band? These details are what really make your wedding day unique. Consider the following things: Location, Entertainment, Food, Drink and Formality. Everything else will be easier to decide once you get these ideas set in stone.

Tip #3. If you plan on hiring a wedding planner, it is best to do it right off the bat. He/She can help with all of the decision making! From setting a budget, deciding on a style, finding a venue…. if you don’t know what to do or where to start, a planner can be your best resource.


Tip #4. Don’t ask your bridal party right away, unless you plan on getting married two months from now. As sad as it sounds, relationships change, friendships disolve, and bad things can happen. It is always wise to wait a few months before deciding who you want to stand by your side at the altar. Nothing is worse that asking a friend to be your bridesmaid only to find out she disappears in 6 months!

Tip #5. Don’t waste your hard earned money in areas you don’t need to. Majority of Wedding magazines cost between $4 and $8 per issue and most of their material and photos can be found online. I am not saying it is a huge waste of money all the time, but sometimes you can find the same info for free. Bridal Planners & Binders can cost anywhere from $25 to $50 and can be replicated and DIY’d very easily! Please check out our post about DIYing your own planner for instructions and ideas. You do need something to stay organized. You will have a lot of contracts, brochures, business cards and photos to keep track of.


Over the next few days, we will cover all of the basics of planning your big day. If you have questions you’d like to see the answers to or want to share a tip that made planning easier for you, let me know! I’d love to share your ideas with our readers. Leave us a comment!

Photo Credit: Polka Dot Bride, Google Images

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On A Personal Note: Vote For Your Favorite!

Notice: I know, I know…. This isn’t wedding related, but 90% of our readers are female and know how important accessories are. 🙂 I am sure you understand!

As most of you know, majority of my meetings and consultations take place outside of my home office. This calls for a LOT of travel and dragging around basically anything you could imagine needing in a 24 hour period of time. This takes it’s toll on many things, but the biggest casualty of all of my travel is my poor business totes. I go through about three a year, which is a lot! I am in the market for a new one, as a bit of a Christmas gift to myself. This is where you come in. I need help! I love so many different styles and I can’t even begin to chose. HELP! Pretty please, with sugar on top, vote for your favorite of the following six. I promise I will buy whichever tote wins. 🙂

Side Note: I have double checked all of the measurements, and they all fit exactly which size I need to cram all of my binders, notebooks, mini-emergency kits, swatches, Palm, laptop, chapstick, lotion, mints, Starbucks card, business material…..basically everything I will need! (All products from



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